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Product Brief and Technical Documentation

Product Brief and Technical Documentation

Product BriefThe general introduction, key feature and selection table of M2351 series.Download
DatasheetFeature and function description, pin configuration, and package dimensions of M2351 series.Download
Technical Reference Manual (TRM)Detailed function description of M2351 series.Download
Hardware Development GuideHardware implementation
overview for a M2351 based system.

Application Note

TrustZone Program DevelopmentIntroduce TrustZone® programing including how to partition security attribution and how to develop program in the Keil® MDK
environment, and show sample code.
Power ManagementIntroduce power modes including configuration, wake-up method
and sample code.
Collaborative Secure Software DevelopmentIntroduce the concept of Collaborative Secure Software
Development (CSSD), and the precautions to be considered by
the first and the second developer during development.
Using Over-The-Aire (OTA)
for Firmware Upgrade
Introduce a secure system firmware upgrade architecture through OTA.Download
Using Over-The-Aire (OTA)
for BT Firmware Upgrade
Introduce the use of OTA for firmware upgrade by the TrustZone®
architecture and dual bank Flash to improve system security and
eXecute-Only-Memory (XOM) Configuration ManualIntroduce XOM related address and registers configuration, and
how to set or remove XOM region.
MaskROM LibraryThe M2351 Mask ROM library (MKROMLib) is a software library
pre-written in the M2351 Mask ROM.
This document is used to introduce the usage of MKROMLib and
the benefits of MKROMLib for a software developer.
DualBank Firmware Upgrade MechanismIntroduce how to update firmware reliably with a dual bank Flash
architecture and a rollback mechanism supported for user to roll
back to the previous firmware if a new firmware works abnormally.
M2351 Trusted BootIntroduce the M2351 Secure Bootloader, Secure Boot verification
mechanism, and how it works to perform a trusted boot; and
demonstrate using the SecureBootDemo to create a trusted
execution system launched from the Secure Bootloader.

Training Material

M2351 Security ArchitecturePart I. TrustZone® for Armv8-M
Part II. TrustZone Implementation on M2351
Part III. M2351 Security functions

Tools and Software

Hardware Development Tool

Software Development Tool

Board Support Package (BSP)This BSP folder contents:
▪ Document: Introduction of CMSIS, BSP Revision History, Driver Reference Guide
▪ Library: CMSIS, Device, NuMaker Board, Smartcard, Peripheral Driver, UsbHost
▪ SampleCode: Non-invasive countermeasures, USB CCID Smartcard Reader, Hard fault handler, MKROM, Power management, Peripheral driver, TrustZone, XOM
▪ ThirdParty: Alibaba Link Tee, Crypto (ECC), Segger emWin, FAT/exFAT file system
▪ User Guide: BSP & NuMaker PFM-M2351 Quick Start Guide
TrustZone Template GeneratorThe TrustZone Template Generator Tool is a resource management tool to make the configuration of M2351 secure and non-secure regions.Download
NuMicro M2351 Secure ISP ToolNuMicro M2351 Secure ISP Tool provides secure channel for firmware upgrade,
it communicates with M2351 MaskROM library through UART/USB interfaces.
NuMicro ICP Programming ToolNuMicro ICP tool & user manualDownload
NuMicro ISP Programming ToolNuMicro ISP programming tool & user manualDownload
Nu-Link Command ToolNu-Link Command Tool is a console based tool which supports ICP Programmer functions.
Users can use it to erase, program, or dump data on any NuMicro® Family devices.
NuTool-PinConfig To configure GPIO multi-functions of Nuvoton MCU families.
NuTool-PinViewA monitoring and visualization tool that can immediately show the current status of I/O pins.
Inform users of certain common pin configuration errors.

Third Party Tool and Library

ProviderDescriptionPricing PlanDownload
Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition
— provide comprehensive support for Nuvoton device families in a complete development environment for creating, debugging and verifying embedded applications.
FreeArm Keil Nuvoton Edition
IAR Embedded Workbench
—30-day evaluation edition and kickstart edition
Free for 32 KBIAR Embedded Workbench
The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
— a compiler system produced by the GNU Project supporting various programming languages.
FreeDownload Windows Version
Download Linux Version
Arm Mbed os
— reduce development time with pre-integrated software platform and production-ready IoT modules.
FreeArm Mbed OS
Segger emWin
— enables the creation of highly efficient, and high quality graphical user interfaces on any embedded system.
*Note: the Segger emWin embedded graphic library is included in the M2351 BSP\ ThirdParty\
Alibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud Link TEE
— provides the trusted protection for multiple security levels. With Ali Cloud Link TEE, the similar hardware level root-of-trust is provided to support Arm Trustzone and C-SKY security extension technology. Besides, the software-level protection projects is also supported by Link TEE.
Free for first yearBSP\ThirdParty\Alibaba_Link_TEE_Air\
Know more about Alibaba Cloud Link TEE
Developed in partnership with the world's leading chip companies over a 15 year period, the FreeRTOS kernel is a market leading real time operating system and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. This pre-configured example for the Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-M2351 development board demonstrates using the ARM Cortex-M23 TrustZone and the ARM Cortex-M23 Memory Protect Unit (MPU).FreeARM Cortex-M23 (Armv8-M) Demo for Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-M2351 Board

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