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Product Brief and Technical Documentation

Product Brief and Technical Documentation

Product BriefThe general introduction, key feature and selection table of M2351 series.1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
DatasheetFeature and function description, pin configuration, and package dimensions of M2351 series.1.01 (2019/03/14)Download
Technical Reference Manual (TRM)Detailed function description of M2351 series.1.00 (2018/09/03)Download
Hardware Development GuideHardware implementation
overview for a M2351 based system.
1.00 (2018/09/06)Download

Application Note

TrustZone Program DevelopmentIntroduce TrustZone® programing including how to partition security attribution and how to develop program in the Keil® MDK
environment, and show sample code.
1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
Power ManagementIntroduce power modes including configuration, wake-up method
and sample code.
1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
Collaborative Secure Software DevelopmentIntroduce the concept of Collaborative Secure Software
Development (CSSD), and the precautions to be considered by
the first and the second developer during development.
1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
Using Over-The-Aire (OTA)
for Firmware Upgrade
Introduce a secure system firmware upgrade architecture through OTA.1.00 (2019/01/07)Download
Using Over-The-Aire (OTA)
for BT Firmware Upgrade
Introduce the use of OTA for firmware upgrade by the TrustZone®
architecture and dual bank Flash to improve system security and
1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
eXecute-Only-Memory (XOM) Configuration ManualIntroduce XOM related address and registers configuration, and
how to set or remove XOM region.
1.00 (2018/09/07)Download
MaskROM LibraryThe M2351 Mask ROM library (MKROMLib) is a software library
pre-written in the M2351 Mask ROM.
This document is used to introduce the usage of MKROMLib and
the benefits of MKROMLib for a software developer.
1.00 (2018/09/25)Download
DualBank Firmware Upgrade MechanismIntroduce how to update firmware reliably with a dual bank Flash
architecture and a rollback mechanism supported for user to roll
back to the previous firmware if a new firmware works abnormally.
1.00 (2018/09/28)Download
M2351 Trusted BootIntroduce the M2351 Secure Bootloader, Secure Boot verification
mechanism, and how it works to perform a trusted boot; and
demonstrate using the SecureBootDemo to create a trusted
execution system launched from the Secure Bootloader.
1.00 (2018/11/02)Download

Training Material

M2351 Security ArchitecturePart I. TrustZone® for Armv8-M
Part II. TrustZone Implementation on M2351
Part III. M2351 Security functions

Tools and Software

Hardware Development Tool

Software Development Tool

Board Support Package (BSP)This BSP folder contents:
▪ Document: Introduction of CMSIS, BSP Revision History, Driver Reference Guide
▪ Library: CMSIS, Device, NuMaker Board, Smartcard, Peripheral Driver, UsbHost
▪ SampleCode: Non-invasive countermeasures, USB CCID Smartcard Reader, Hard fault handler, MKROM, Power management, Peripheral driver, TrustZone, XOM
▪ ThirdParty: Alibaba Link Tee, Crypto (ECC), Segger emWin, FAT/exFAT file system
▪ User Guide: BSP & NuMaker PFM-M2351 Quick Start Guide
3.00.002 (2018/11/18)Download
TrustZone Template GeneratorThe TrustZone Template Generator Tool is a resource management tool to make the configuration of M2351 secure and non-secure regions.1.05 (2019/4/25)Download
Crypto ToolThe CryptoTool is an assist tool for M2351 for cryptography calculation.
▪ Generate private key with 256 bits width
▪ Support ECC NIST P-256 including public key calculation, ECDSA and ECDH
▪ Support AES CFB mode with 256 bits width
▪ Support SHA-256
▪ Pack firmware for OTA firmware package
1.1.3 (2018/09/07)Download
NuMicro M2351 Secure ISP ToolNuMicro M2351 Secure ISP Tool provides secure channel for firmware upgrade,
it communicates with M2351 MaskROM library through UART/USB interfaces.
1.00 (2018/09/06)Download
NuMicro ICP Programming ToolNuMicro ICP tool & user manual2.05.6815 (2018/09/06)Download
NuMicro ISP Programming ToolNuMicro ISP programming tool & user manual2.05 (2018/09/06)Download
Nu-Link Command ToolNu-Link Command Tool is a console based tool which supports ICP Programmer functions.
Users can use it to erase, program, or dump data on any NuMicro® Family devices.
2.05.6815 (2018/09/06)Download
NuTool-PinConfig To configure GPIO multi-functions of Nuvoton MCU families.
1.13.0001 (2018/08/03)Download
NuTool-PinViewA monitoring and visualization tool that can immediately show the current status of I/O pins.
Inform users of certain common pin configuration errors.
2.05.6815 (2018/09/06)Download

Third Party Tool and Library

ProviderDescriptionPricing PlanDownload
Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition
— provide comprehensive support for Nuvoton device families in a complete development environment for creating, debugging and verifying embedded applications.
FreeArm Keil Nuvoton Edition
IAR Embedded Workbench
—30-day evaluation edition and kickstart edition
Free for 32 KBIAR Embedded Workbench
The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
— a compiler system produced by the GNU Project supporting various programming languages.
FreeDownload Windows Version
Download Linux Version
Arm Mbed os
— reduce development time with pre-integrated software platform and production-ready IoT modules.
FreeArm Mbed OS
Segger emWin
— enables the creation of highly efficient, and high quality graphical user interfaces on any embedded system.
*Note: the Segger emWin embedded graphic library is included in the M2351 BSP\ ThirdParty\
Alibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud Link TEE
— provides the trusted protection for multiple security levels. With Ali Cloud Link TEE, the similar hardware level root-of-trust is provided to support Arm Trustzone and C-SKY security extension technology. Besides, the software-level protection projects is also supported by Link TEE.
Free for first yearBSP\ThirdParty\Alibaba_Link_TEE_Air\
Know more about Alibaba Cloud Link TEE
Developed in partnership with the world's leading chip companies over a 15 year period, the FreeRTOS kernel is a market leading real time operating system and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. This pre-configured example for the Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-M2351 development board demonstrates using the ARM Cortex-M23 TrustZone and the ARM Cortex-M23 Memory Protect Unit (MPU).FreeARM Cortex-M23 (Armv8-M) Demo for Nuvoton NuMaker-PFM-M2351 Board

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